Oats Resources
As part of the Quaker Oats Center of Excellence’s commitment to inspiring well-being and sharing the health benefits of oats, the Registered Dietitian Toolkit was designed to help health professionals work with clients and consumers to explore the powerful nutrition of the oat through tips, recipes, and easy-to-digest nutrition nuggets.

For practicing RDs, check out the links below for evidence-based research about oats, as well as fresh ideas, recipes, and customizable handouts to support your conversations with clients.

  • Emerging Oat Science
  • Discover the latest from the scientific community on the relationship oats may have with health.
  • Oats & Energy
  • Understand how oats break down slowly to become energy that lasts.

Accompanied by your expert advice, the print-ready resources below are designed to be shared with your clients to help enrich your oats conservation:

  • Oats 101
  • Uncover the powerful nutrition of the oat, from its versatility to its health benefits.
  • The Quaker Portfolio
  • Check out the many ways to get wholesome nutrition with Quaker’s 100% whole grain oat products.
  • Gluten Free Quaker Oats
  • Explore the innovative technologies used to deliver the highest standard of nutritious, gluten free oats.
  • Extraordinary Oats
  • Learn about the many health benefits of oats, including heart health, digestive health, and energy.
  • Recipe Inspiration
  • Discover the many ways to enjoy oats in new ways with nutritious and delicious recipes.

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