The Power of Quaker® Oats

Fuel your body with the nourishment and nutrients it needs with the power of 100% whole grain Quaker Oats.

The Quaker Standard

2017 marks 140 years of The Quaker Oats Company. Our success and leadership follows a commitment to a level of excellence we call "The Quaker Standard", a practice that transcends our entire supply chain. This has led us to invest in world-class, industry-leading science, technology and talent. The result—an unsurpassed ability to transform the oat into products that allow people to benefit from their goodness. We work hard to advance the oat to its fullest potential so we can help people reach their fullest potential. Of course, we also take pride in making the best darn oatmeal every morning.

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A single “whole” grain contains all three parts of the grain kernel—the bran, endosperm and germ. Scientists believe that by eating whole grains intact—the fiber, vitamins and minerals within the grain work together—providing energy and nutrition to help you get the most from your day.


The heart of the grain and its source for new growth, the germ has nutrients like B vitamins and poly- and monounsaturated fats.


The largest portion of the kernel, the endosperm, contains carbohydrates for energy.


The Coarse outer layer of the kernel, the bran, is multi-layered and edible.


The fibrous protective cover surrounding the kernel, the hull is inedible, removed during milling and burned as fuel for the University of Iowa.

From Seed to Spoon

Quaker is at the forefront of industry-leading breeding, growing, and milling practices that have been perfected from 140 years of experience. Our commitment to quality is instilled in our practices—all designed to produce oats of the highest quality with agricultural integrity.


  • Established in 1974, The Quaker International Oat Nursey, a Quaker funded breeding collaborative, ensures the integrity of our seeds while helping to improve the quality and availability of oats.


  • Our Direct Growers program is a network of over 400 oat formers committed to growing the best possible Quaker-specified oats.
  • Quaker has invested in a proprietary grading lab to ensure our oats that go to our mill meet our standards of excellence.


  • Our oats facility in Cedar Rapid, Iowa is the largest milling facility in the world processing over 2 million pounds of oats daily.
  • Our mill has an industry-leading, proprietary process for producing gluten-free oats.

The Difference in Our Oats

Our methods give us control over the cooking time and texture of each of our products to guarantee they'll all have that distinct, toasted, nutty Quaker flavor. Each cut of oat is prepared differently for their own unique taste and texture.


100% rolled Quaker Oats cook in 5 minutes and can be used in recipes.


Designed for both stovetop & microwave, Quaker Quick Oats cook in just 2 minutes or less.


Cut finer to cook faster, each Quaker Instant packet is ready in just 2 minutes or less.


Cut, not rolled, Quaker Steel Cut Oats deliver a full, hearty texture with rich, nutty taste.

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