Tips For Sneaking Fiber Into Your Child's Diet

You already know that fiber is an important component of your own diet, but have you stopped to consider whether your child is getting enough fiber in his diet? Fiber-rich foods help fill tummies up on fewer calories, so eating of them can help with maintaining a healthy weight. Eating of fiber can also help your child stay regular. The essential vitamins and nutrients found in fiber-rich foods can also help your child develop and grow.

You should begin incorporating extra fiber into your child's diet slowly, however, since it takes time for the digestive system to adapt to the extra roughage. Too much fiber too quickly can result in gas and bloating. You should also encourage your child to drink more fluids, especially water.

Listed below are some easy ways you can add extra fiber to your child's favorite foods:
  • Serve your child oatmeal topped with fresh fruit for breakfast.
  • Make pancakes or waffles using whole-wheat flour and top them with apples, berries, or bananas.
  • Leave the skin or peel on your toddler’s favorite fresh fruits and vegetables. Cut them into bite-sized pieces to make them easier for him to chew.
  • Select whole-wheat or whole-grain cereals, pastas, and breads.
  • Create mini-pizzas by topping whole-wheat English muffins or bagels with pizza sauce, low-fat cheese, and vegetables.
  • Add shredded or finely chopped vegetables to soups, hamburgers, or meatloaf.
  • Replace some or all of the flour in cookie and muffin recipes with whole-wheat flour. Add raisins, berries, or bananas to the mix for even more fiber.
  • Serve your child whole-wheat crackers with low-fat cheese.
  • Create healthy veggie wraps using whole-wheat tortillas or pita pockets.
  • Top low-fat ice cream or yogurt with whole grain cereal and fresh fruit for a more nutritious dessert.
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