Baking Cookies? Try These Mom-Tested Tips

To ensure a successful and enjoyable baking experience with your children, be sure to try these mom-tested tips.

Start early. Schedule baking early in the day when everyone is fresh and well-rested. This is particularly important if you will be working with younger children.

Cover up. Place a plastic drop cloth (you’ll find these at paint and hardware stores) beneath the table where the baking and decorating will take place. Dress your children in comfortable, washable clothes and roll up their sleeves. Also pull back long hair.

Try a team approach. Divide the children into two groups. Put one group to work mixing the ingredients for the dough and then rolling and cutting the dough with cookie cutters. Let the second group begin decorating the already baked cookies.

Get ready to decorate. Organize small candies and cookie decorations in muffin pans. Put frosting in small unbreakable bowls and provide small plastic knives for safe spreading. Also set out a variety of ready-to-use decorator icings and gels in tubes.

Provide inspiration. Decorate several cookies in advance and place them in the center of the table to jump start your children’s creativity. Better yet, when all of the cookies are baked, why not sit down at the table with your children and decorate some cookies yourself?
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