Wintertime Family Fun and Fitness

It is not uncommon for families to hibernate during the cold winter months. If your family has decided to snuggle under the blankets until the warmer temperatures of springtime arrive, it’s time to shake off the covers and head outdoors for some fun wintertime activities. With a few precautions, such as dressing properly and checking weather conditions before heading outdoors, you can enjoy many of your favorite activities year-round.

Try ice skating or snow skiing. Ice skating and snow skiing are both excellent forms of exercise for you and your family. Both activities require you to use a number of different muscle groups in order to perform certain motions and to maintain your balance. If you have never tried skating or skiing before, it is advisable to take some lessons from a qualified instructor.

Strap on snowshoes and go for a walk. It may seem that a heavy snowfall will limit your evening walk but if you put on a pair of snowshoes, you can go almost anywhere. The added exertion of walking through the snow will also help you burn more calories than walking on pavement.

Go for a nature hike. Hiking is an excellent form of exercise. If you and your children are animal lovers, why not go on a nature hike at a nearby park or conservation area after a fresh snowfall? The snow will allow you to easily track many different types of animals, such as birds, rabbits, deer and squirrels.

Play in the snow. Who says that exercise has to be boring? The act of building a snowman or snow fort can actually provide your muscles with a good workout. And don’t forget to make a few snow angels by lying down and waving your arms and legs in the snow for more fun in the snow!

Play your favorite summertime sport in the snow. If your children love to play with a flying disc or other outdoor games in the summertime, why not revisit them during the winter? These activities can be a lot more challenging when you’re trying to run after a wayward Frisbee or ball through several inches of snow. The winter season can provide you and your family with a variety of fun and unique outdoor activity opportunities. The next time you feel the onset of cabin fever, grab your family and go outdoors for an afternoon of fun and fitness in the snow!
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