Types of Yeast Breads

There are two types of yeast breads, which are described below.

Batter breads The dough for batter breads is not kneaded. Batter bread is coarser in shape and texture than bread prepared with kneaded dough. It has a higher ratio of liquid to flour and other dry ingredients; beating the batter a few minutes develops the gluten, though not as much as a kneaded bread. The dough rises only once, in the bread pan. Batter breads generally do not rise as high as kneaded breads.

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Kneaded breads A smoother-textured bread results from kneading yeast dough by hand, with an electric mixer or food processor. The dough is allowed to rise before shaping, then it is shaped and allowed to rise again. Finally, the bread is baked. Breads prepared in electric bread machines are also kneaded breads.

Kneaded breads offer many options for bakers, especially in regards to shaping. Examples of kneaded breads include loaf breads, baguettes, pan rolls and crescent rolls.

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