Dark Color

Here are some helpful solutions for the common causes:

  • Too much gluten protein
    • The flour you used may have contained too much protein. Protein is one of the ingredients that help yeast breads brown. Use bread flour that is purchased at a grocery store or a national brand of all-purpose flour.
    • You may have overdone it on the protein. Protein is one of the ingredients that help yeast breads brown. For maximum protein without sacrificing the quality of your bread, add only a tablespoon or two of protein powder, then use a national brand of bread flour. Learn more about flour.
  • Too much sugar
    • The sugar content of the recipe may be too high. If this is not a sweet bread, check to see that the amount of sugar in the recipe is no greater than 2 tablespoons per cup of flour. If your recipe calls for more than that, reduce the quantity of sugar.
    • Sugar caramelizes when heated in the oven, creating a golden brown color in the baked good.
  • Dark metal conducts heat more than shiny aluminum metal

    The choice of expert bread bakers, dark heavy-weight steel baking pans conduct more heat, promoting golden brown color and a perfectly textured crust. Dark nonstick baking pans keep the bread from sticking. However, they tend to brown baking bread more quickly, particularly on the edges touching the pan. If the bread is too brown, try reducing the oven temperature by 25°F or use a shiny aluminum baking pan.

  • Recipe you are preparing is meant to have a darker crust

    The perfect loaf of bread is different for different people. If you like the flavor and texture of the bread you baked but prefer a lighter crust, eliminate the egg or milk wash.

  • Oven too hot

    Oven thermostats vary over time. To insure the correct temperature each time you bake, always use an oven thermometer. Adjust oven dial up or down to correct the oven temperature.

  • Oven rack too high

    The oven rack may have been too high, placing the top of the loaf too close to the top of the oven. Try placing the rack lower in the oven.

  • Glass conducts heat more than metal

    Glass baking dishes get hotter, causing the edges of the baking bread to brown more quickly. Reduce the oven temperature by 25°F, or switch to metal baking pans.

  • Oven rack too low

    The oven rack may have been too low, placing the bottom of the pan too close to the oven floor heating element. Place the bread on a rack in the middle of in the oven.