Off Flavor

Here are some helpful solutions for the common causes:

  • Salt is a flavor enhancer

    Salt adds flavor to bread. If none or too little is used in a recipe, the bread will lack the right flavor and taste "bland." If you reduce the amount of salt, try adding some dried herbs to increase the flavor.

  • Too much yeast

    Too much yeast in bread will give bread an off-taste.

  • Bread rose in too warm an area and too fast

    Allow the bread to rise in a draft-free 80°F to 90°F area away from a heat source. If the area is too warm, bread will rise too fast and begin cooking before the yeast has finished acting. This will impart a "yeasty" taste to the dough that will be transferred to the finished baked loaf.

  • Use of outdated ingredients

    Using old ingredients (rancid nuts, "old" shortening) will cause yeast breads to taste old or have an "off" taste. Purchase new ingredients if those on hand are questionable. Date ingredients on outside of container to help you remember how long they have been stored. Make sure all ingredients are stored in a cool, dry place.