Air Holes or Tunnels Inside

Here is a helpful solution for the common causes:

  • Ingredients were overmixed
    • Overmixing is a common problem with quick breads and is certain to happen with an electric mixer. Use only 15 to 20 light hand strokes with a spoon when mixing the combined liquid and combined dry ingredients together. There should be some lumps in the batter.
    • Overmixing is a common problem with quick breads. Dry ingredients should be mixed together completely to insure proper blending of ingredients before they are combined with the wet ingredients. Use a fork or wire whisk for this step. The same applies to wet ingredients. They should be well beaten before combining with the dry ingredients. Finally, mix together the dry and wet ingredients, by hand, using 15 to 20 light strokes. There should be lumps in the batter.