Storage & Freezing Cookies

Cool cookies completely before storing. Store crisp and soft cookies in separate containers or the crisp cookies will soften; store each kind of cookie separately or flavors may transfer.

For cookies that will be eaten in a day or two: store crisp cookies in a container with a loose-fitting cover; store soft cookies in a container with a tight-fitting cover. Separate very soft, fragile, frosted or decorated cookies with wax paper between the layers.

  • Bake Ahead and Freeze

    Many cookies freeze well. Use these tips and chart below as a guide:

    • Cool baked products completely before wrapping and freezing.
    • To protect flavor and prevent cookies from drying out, wrap tightly in heavy duty aluminum foil or freezer wrap, or pack in freezer bags or plastic freezer containers with tight-fitting lids. Remove as much air as possible and seal tightly.
    • Label all packages with the name of the recipe and the date.
    • Cookies, like all baked products, should be frozen at 0°F or lower.
    • Freeze each type of cookie in a separate container. Use waxed paper to separate layers of very soft, fragile, frosted or decorated cookies.
    • Use within the recommended storage time for the best flavor and texture.
  • Freezer Storage Times


    Item Time
    Muffins and other quick breads Up to 3 months
    Yeast breads 6 months
    Cookies 6 months
    Cookie dough 4 months
    Cakes (unfrosted) 4 to 6 months
    Cakes (frosted) 2 to 3 months
    Fruit pies (baked and unbaked) 3 to 4 months
    Pumpkin pies (baked) 4 to 6 months
    Ice cream pies 1 month
    Unbaked pastry 2 months