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Quaker Oats-Breakfast Flats Packs

Open a box of Quaker® Baked Flats and discover a treasure trove of taste! Choose from four delicious flavors that feature real fruit pieces, crunchy nuts, and 18g or more of whole grains—all at less than 200 calories—it’s a great snack to help satisfy your morning hunger, wherever the day takes you. Try pairing it with coffee and yogurt for a marvelous morning.

Quaker Oats-Flats BlueBG Mobile


Mornings just seem to be made for blueberries. So we added them to a crunchy combo of almonds, flax seeds and oats in our Blueberry Quaker® Baked Flats. They’re perfect for busy, on-the-go mornings and have 22 grams of whole grains per serving that will fill you up without ever slowing you down.


Quaker Oats-Flats Blueberry Tile Mobile
Quaker Oats-mcranberry almond bg


We think cranberries are too delicious to be saved for Thanksgiving, which is why we love them mixed with the crunchiest of almonds, flax and sunflower seeds and 18 grams of whole grains in our Cranberry Almond Baked Flats. It’s the satisfying snack you’ll be thankful you tried!


Quaker Oats-Flats Cranberry Tile Mobile
Quaker Oats-mbanana honey bg


There are few pairings in this world that are more made-for-each-other than banana and honey. That rich, tropical touch of banana with just a drizzle of smooth honey is enough to make your taste buds swoon. Add a hint of nuttiness, flax seeds and 18 grams of whole grains and you’ve got a snack made in heaven with our Banana Honey Nut Baked Flats. They’re a great hit-the-spot snack to help satisfy your hunger when you’re on the go!


Quaker Oats-Flats Banana Honey Tile Mobile
Quaker Oats-mgolden raisin bg


Long ago, cinnamon was considered to be more precious than gold and it’s easy to see why. Its soothing and aromatic taste, both sweet and savory can be paired with almost anything. We like it best with raisins, flax seed, quinoa and 18 grams of whole grains in our Raisin Cinnamon Baked Flats; we think you will too! It’s a great way to help keep your hunger at bay.


Quaker Oats-Flats Golden Raisin Tile Mobile
Quaker Oats-Tropical-sunrise_Quaker

Tropical Sunrise

Quaker Oats-Paradise Smoothie Quaker

Paradise Smoothie

Quaker Oats-BreakfastGORP Quaker

Breakfast GORP (Trail Mix)

Quaker Oats-Mediterrean starter Quaker

Mediterranean Start

Quaker Oats-Orchid Classic Quaker

Orchard Classic

Quaker Oats-Honey Quaker

Honey Ricotta Delight

Quaker Oats-Refresh&Renew Quaker

Refresh & Renew

Quaker Oats-Protein-go-to QUAKER


Quaker Oats-Better than PB&J Quaker

Better than PB&J

Quaker Oats-Not your typicalBF Quaker

Not Your Typical Breakfast

Quaker Oats-Fall Fest Quaker

Fall Fest

Quaker Oats-Hot Apple Morning Quaker

Hot Apple Morning