Inspiring family breakfasts for the past 100 years.

Have Your Grits During Any Occasion

You can easily eat standard or instant grits while you’re on the go or at home.

Quaker Oats-HTU-breakfast

Breakfast Meal:

Start your day on a delicious note.


Bring creamy, deliclousness to the table for dinner.

Quaker Oats-HTU-Dinner
Quaker Oats-HTU-on-the-go


Make your travels really tasty.

Tailgate Gathering:

Show off team spirit with themed grit side dishes.

Quaker Oats-HTU-tailgate

Quaker has set the standard in Grits for over 100 years.

Quaker Grits can help your family continue the tradition with easy to prepare, smooth and creamy grits.

Find Quaker Standard or Instant Grits at a store near you.

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