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Warm, Nutritious, and delicious
Quaker® Instant Oatmeal

No matter how busy your day is there's always time for a warm bowl of Quaker Instant oatmeal! Ready in just 90 seconds, add your favorite toppings to these wholesome oats for an incredibly delicious taste.

Quick and delicious-Quaker Oats come in a variety of flavors that are ready when you are.

Quaker® Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal
Everything you've come to love about Quaker Instant Oatmeal with 50% less sugar than the regular variety.

Quaker® High Fiber Instant Oatmeal
The fiber you need with the flavor you crave-you're going to love eating wholesome!

Quaker® Weight Control Instant Oatmeal
Designed to help with your weight management plan without sacrificing the flavor.

Quaker® Oats Old Fashioned

Warm up your morning with a piping hot bowl of Old Fashioned Quaker Oats. By adding toppings like dried or fresh fruit, you're getting a tasty breakfast that's also good for you.

Quaker® Old Fashioned
Wake up with a delicious bowl of a long-time favorite.

Quaker® Quick Oats
For a satisfying breakfast in no time, reach for a bowl of Quick Oats-ready in just 60 seconds!

Quaker® Real Medleys

Sure to tickle your taste buds, Quaker Real Medleys come packed with wholesome multi-grains and tasty chunks of real fruit and nuts. Available in a convenient, portable package that can be enjoyed anywhere. Just add water and microwave.

Quaker® Real Medleys

Quaker® Perfect Portions

Enjoy a warm, delicious bowl of oatmeal, just the way you like it with Quaker Perfect Portions instant oatmeal. Make as little or as much as you like, then sweeten your way to create the perfect bowl of tasty goodness.

Quaker® Perfect Portions

Quaker® Oatmeal Express Cups™

Now it's easy to enjoy the comfort of Quaker Oats wherever your day takes you! Quaker Oatmeal Express Cups combine your favorite nutritious oats with tasty flavors in convenient, travel-sized cups.

Quaker® Express Cups

Quaker® Oats Steel Cut

Experience a whole different way to start your day. These 100% whole grain oats are steel cut, instead of rolled, for a heartier texture, and rich, nutty flavor that goes great with your favorite toppings.

Quaker® Steel Cuts Oats

Quaker® Instant Grits™

Can't get enough grits? Well, lucky for you, Quaker delivers your breakfast favorite in flavors like Cheddar Cheese and Country Bacon. They're smooth, hearty, and delicious, so get'em while they're hot!

Quaker® Instant Grits

Quaker® Cereal Oat Bran

Get a hot, nourishing start to your morning with Quaker Oat Bran. Made with 100% oat bran, this hot cereal has the fiber you need and the simple taste you love, making it a delicious addition to any day.

Quaker® Oat bran