We Are Living Change

Quaker is working to incorporate sustainability practices into every facet of its operation. From the corporate level to employee sponsored grassroots organizations, we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment.

Sustainability in All We Do

The products we develop and produce are now designed with a focus on environmental sustainability. Quaker considers how the product is made, the energy used, how it’s packaged, shipped, and where the packaging ultimately ends up. At each step, opportunities to improve our environmental practices are identified, helping Quaker reach its goals one product at a time.

Silver LEED Certified

Our headquarters is Silver LEED certified. LEED is a respected third party certification, awarded when businesses or buildings meet strict requirements for energy, waste, water, and materials reduction. We see this as a promising start in our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Change From the Roots Up

Our employees reflect and help drive Quaker’s commitment to "green" practices. A group of motivated individuals formed a green community, and are working to make positive changes within the corporation from the grassroots level. At Quaker, we applaud this initiative and support these conscientious forward-thinkers whenever possible. They have managed to reduce paper and electricity use within their offices, and frequently organize volunteers for environmental projects benefiting the communities around them.

At every level of Quaker, we are committed to improving our environmental practices throughout every step of our business. Whether it’s how our products are packaged and shipped or the types of cups our employees use in the breakroom, Quaker is thinking about how best to implement positive change within the world.

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