Rethinking the Whole Package

At Quaker, we believe that every corner of our business holds potential for demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices. Beyond how our oats are grown and made into products, we are also working to reduce our packaging and use recycled materials.

Iconic Brand, Gold Standard Packaging

Our iconic Standard Quaker Oats package has enjoyed a new makeover, while maintaining its strength and functionality. We started by redesigning the tamper band, which we now construct out of corn-based material. This has eliminated 87 tons of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic-use per year. All paperboard in our canisters is now made from 100% recycled materials enabling us to use 8,000 tons of recycled paper each year. Further, the amount of overall packaging has been reduced which has saved 1,200 tons of paper and eliminated 60 trucks from visiting our plant - saving considerable amounts of fuel and reducing overall emissions.

Incorporating 100% Recycled Material

Quaker’s goal is to use 100% recycled material for its other products whenever possible, and currently the majority of our packaging is made with recycled materials. So far this practice has enabled the reuse of over 9,500 tons of recycled paper per year. And Quaker is continuously searching for ways to improve on these numbers.

Also, all our paperboard packaging is 100% recyclable, and we at Quaker hope you will help us in our efforts by recycling whenever possible.

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