Quaker’s Commitment to the Environment

At Quaker, the origins of our business are literally rooted in the earth, and for this reason we have been increasing our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. We do this not only for our own benefit, but also for you, your family, your community, and the world we share.

We are realistic, yet hopeful. Quaker understands that achieving optimal environmental sustainability is a journey, an ongoing process. We are taking our first steps by carefully evaluating each stage of our business. Quaker seeks to improve every aspect of the way we bring oats to you.

Quaker has made great progress in meeting its environmental sustainability goals of reducing fuel consumption by 25%, reducing water and electricity by 20% and working to eliminate solid waste to landfills from production facilities. In fact, Quaker has already met its 2015 water reduction goal and, reduced landfill waste by over 50%. In addition to the sustainable improvements in how we manufacture our products, we have streamlined packaging to require less paper product, and switched over to recyclable paperboard wherever possible. We are now incorporating sustainability metrics into new product development in order to offer superior products while continuously reducing our environmental impact.

At Quaker, we feel the best method of achieving our environmental goals is through a holistic approach, which means all parts contribute to the whole. By integrating sustainability throughout our entire business model, it is our hope that the benefits will ripple outward, positively affecting you and the world we all live in.

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