Kids in the Kitchen

Quality time with your kids is a treat when you invite them into the kitchen. There's a lot to learn and share – from baking basics to family recipes with Quaker oats. So start making memories and cookies together right now.


Baking Cookies? Try These Mom-Tested Tips

Here are the perfect tips for making your baking time together delightful. You'll keep everyone happy in five easy steps.

Cooking Tasks As They Grow

Do you know the best cooking skills to teach your child based on their age? Grab your apron, your Quaker oats and other ingredients and get ready to find out.

The Value of Cooking

Kids can learn a lot by cooking. From math skills to cultural awareness to career choices, the possibilities are endless.

Help Your Children Make Healthy Lunchtime Choices

You can't be there when your kid's in the school cafeteria. But you can help them pick foods that you'll both think are cool.

What Are Your Favorite Oatmeal Topping Ideas?

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What do you most love to bake?